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Virtual Currency Exchanges

Effortlessly meet global KYC/AML standards with Koi Compliance’s turnkey KYC/AML integrations, policies & procedures, staffing, training, license assistance, and on-going advisory services

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OTC Trading Desks

Streamlined onboarding process for your counterparties

Efficient sanctions screening and transactions monitoring for your compliance personnel

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Tailor-made stablecoin solution to help your stablecoin exceeds regulatory and bank partner expectations

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Turnkey KYC interface and backend token issuers

Accredited/qualified investor status verification checks

Working with Koi Compliance gives us the peace of mind.

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We can focus on our core business and be confident about worldwide KYC/AML compliance thanks to Koi Compliance’s fully managed KYC/AML solution.

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Koi Compliance Advantages

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Cryptocurrency KYC/AML Expertise

Koi Compliance’s team consists of certified anti-money laundering specialists, attorneys, and developers with years of experience in assisting blockchain companies meet KYC/AML legal requirements.

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Complete Coverage

Our services cover the full compliance lifecycle, ranging from platform integration, configuration, staffing, training, policies & procedures drafting and worldwide license application assistance.

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Let your in-house compliance leadership focus on value-add decisioning. Enjoy the volume discounts we maintain with our technology partners.

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Proven Success

Koi Compliance is the compliance backend of some of the world’s largest virtual currency OTC desks and exchanges.

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Policies & Procedures

Drawing from our deep understanding of the blockchain industry, we can prepare high-quality and actionable policies & procedures whether for license applications or external audits.

Our Partners

We partner with premier KYC, AML, Sanctions Screening, and Virtual Currency Risk Assessment technology providers to offer a complete blockchain KYC/AML compliance solution.


Cost-effective virtual currency KYC/AML compliance is a click away.