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1. Who is eligible to trade with Koi Trading?

We welcome institutions and high net-worth individuals with sustained needs to trade significant amounts of cryptocurrency. We may also trade with other types of counterparties on a discretionary basis.

Other than jurisdictions identified by FATF to be a high-risk or monitored jurisdiction, we do not generally reject account requests based on where counterparties reside or are incorporated. For example, we are one of the few OTC desks to accept Chinese entities and individuals. Due to overwhelming demand, however, we are currently only accepting counterparties whose monthly trading volume is expected to exceed USD 500,000.

2. Why is it necessary to submit identity documents before we can trade?

As a San Francisco-based company, Koi Trading must observe US AML/CFT legal requirements so that our counterparties can receive fiat funds and cryptocurrency from us with confidence. These AML/CFT legal requirements dictate that Koi Trading must, among other things, use reasonable efforts to collect, verify, and screen the identities of all counterparties with whom we trade. Koi Trading will use such identity information for compliance purposes only and will safeguard them in accordance with industry standard information security practices.

3. What is the minimum trade size?

As a general matter, counterparties can currently execute trades with a minimum size of USD 1000 through our API and IM channels. The minimum size specific to you, however, will be mutually agreed between you and a Koi Trading account manager during onboarding. The minimum trade size is also subject to change as we continue to improve our counterparties’ trading experience.

4. What cryptocurrencies do you trade?

These below are the cryptocurrencies we trade and we keep updating this list.
If you have other needs, we are happy to discuss. Please contact us.


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • ZEC
  • LTC
  • EOS
  • ETC
  • XLM
  • ZRX
  • ADA
  • DCR
  • BAT
  • DOGE
  • DASH

Stable Coins

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • TUSD
  • GUSD
  • PAX

5. Does trading with Koi Trading require your custody of our funds?

No. Koi Trading is not an exchange and does not require custody of our counterparties’ funds. We trade with counterparties as a principal using our own funds and endeavor to rely on post-trade net settlements.

6. How do we trade with you once we are onboarded?

Our counterparties can trade with us 24x7 through a variety of communication channels, including our API, web portal and IM channels. Your designated account manager will provide personalized service to help you choose the best way to execute your trades.